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Winter Session II: 2/04 - 3/03(WIN_II_18_OPM)


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Matisse, Monet and Me™ introduces art history to children and encourages creative expression through the inspiration of an artist or culture. Our curriculum follows the Montessori art philosophy of “process vs. product". A new artist or culture is studied once a week until completion of our 3-year curriculum cycle. Primary students (3-6 year olds) are introduced to historical art ideas and learn how to manipulate various art media while developing their “pincher grip” needed for writing. Elementary students review artists in greater detail, experiment with various art media, fine-tune their motor skills and build on their eye/hand coordination.


Oak Park Montessori

Forest park Location 

3 - 6 years

8:00 - 8:50am



Garfield Street, OP   2.5 - 6 years
10:00 - 10:50am

937 W Garfield Street
Oak Park, IL 60304

(2.5 yr olds must do a trial class before registering)

Winter Session II: 2/04 - 3/03/18  




* If we notice a child is not emotionally ready for this class we may excuse them from class at anytime and will let you know we have done so. If behavior continues in
second class, they may not be admitted to future classes. Reason for excusing may include: not following safety instructions, being destructive to materials, oneself or
others during class.There is not room for a child to act out in this environment as they could cause harm to other students or themselves. **There are no make-ups
for missed classes. ***Pre-arranged absences may be pro-rated if the class is not full. **** Photographs taken during classes may be used in literature or on website
for promotion of Mattisse, Monet & Me™ classes unless a written letter is provided to us with registration. (children's names will not be used) *****Students must be
enrolled 48 hours BEFORE start date/time of session to guarantee attendence in 1st class. ******There is no prorated discount for LATE registrations!

Product Code: WIN_II_18_OPM


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